Size 8: DJ Mo Has Never Cheated On Me

February 22, 2019

Size 8 has finally come out to dispel rumours that her celebrity DJ husband Mo cheated on her.

Speaking in an interview at Radio Jambo, Size 8 Reborn her husband has been faithful to her in their five-year marriage.

“It’s not true. My husband has never stepped out of our marriage. Those are just rumors from people,” she said, adding: “but our marriage is not perfect because we also have misunderstandings.”

“When I heard the rumours, I went home and we had a conversation as Linet and Muraya. Removing the celebrity titles from our house. And that is how we always solve our issues.”

The rumors were especially rife last year when it emerged that the gospel couple had separated, with Size 8 leaving their matrimonial home.

“I was not talking to DJ Mo for a month because I think we were both hard on each other,” she said.

In a past interview, DJ Mo recalled how he was stunned to find Size 6 had left him.

“What happened was this one time tumedisagree alafu tumeletana juu mimi nimetoka nimeenda town nimeenda shughuli zangu alafu jioni mimi nakuta nyumba iko sawa lakini kuna nguo sioni hapo zake. Nguo zake haziko hapo sijui kwanini akaishia alafu sikujua ameenda wapi akaenda akazima simu. So apparently akaenda akakomboa nyumba somewhere na akaanza kuishi na akalipa two months. Mimi nilimtafuta for almost a week,” said DJ Mo.

Size 8 confirmed the incident saying she walked out on DJ Mo because she felt like she had had enough in the marriage. She, however, confessed that she was ashamed of what she had done when she finally returned home.

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