kykiAt this point, female rappers should just quit dropping diss tracks. They are in all honesty nonsensical, personal and crass. But that’s just my opinion.

What at first started as ‘beef’ between Femi One and Njeri has attracted a new budding female rapper identified as Kyki.

Kyki, despite being little known and with no substantial contribution to the industry has taken on everyone in her diss track dubbed ‘Kuku Mwitu.’

According to Kyki, ‘Kuku Mwitu’ seeks to reaffirm her position as Kenya’s number one female rapper based on merit and not hype. While her industrious ambitions are admirable, ‘Kuku Mwitu’ is not in any way meritable but all about the hype.

She takes shots on almost everyone in the rapping industry, even high-flying veterans like King Kaka, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Khaligraph Jones, STL. That’s just disrespectful and uncalled for!

Perhaps this beef was her big break as everyone has taken notice. Otherwise, ‘Kuku Mwitu’ is crap according to word on the street!

Watch below: