Akothee Catches The Attention of Ezekiel Mutua With Raunchy Dance Moves

February 18, 2019

The self-proclaimed President of single mothers in Kenya – Akothee – is disturbing the peace for the umpteenth time.

This time, the wealthy and often controversial singer has managed to rile up Kenya’s ‘morality cop’ KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua. This she did through her latest set of suggestive dance moves during her performance at Papa Remo beach in Watamu over the weekend.

In addition to her salacious dance moves, Akothee has also been getting a lot of stick for her skimpy outfit during the explosive show.

Responding to pictures of Akothee, Ezekiel Mutua faulted the musician for her “filthy and stupid stunts”.

According to Mr good Ol Mutua, music doesn’t have to be dirty to sell and Akothee cannot be a role model for young girls.

In a post on his Facebook page, Mutua said the Kenya entertainment industry will never grow with stunts such as Akothee’s.

Kenya has got talent but as long as we keep celebrating this kind of madness, our entertainment industry will never grow. Akothee is talented but the filthy and stupids stunts she has to pull to remain relevant should concern all of us. What’s worse is to see grown-up men and women celebrating this scatological obscenity in the name of entertainment. We have lost it as a nation. People like Akothee cannot be the role models for our daughters. Music doesn’t have to be dirty to sell. How I wish artists like Akothee would know how much influence they have on our youths and try to use that influence to produce content that is edifying. This kind is crass, moronic and a theatre of the absurd. It’s demonic to the core and only appeals to debilitating and incorrigible perverts and brainless audiences. Akothee must stop this idiosyncrasy. There’s no dignity in for her or her audience,” read Dr. Mutua’s post.

On social media, internet users are still bashing Akothee, with Kenyans on Twitter in particualr, making her a trending topic.

We have sampled some comments below.

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