Raila: Judiciary not Helping in War on Corruption

January 11, 2019

Leader of Opposition Raila Odinga has put the Kenyan Judiciary on the spot accusing it of derailing the fight on graft.

Speaking on Thursday, Raila noted that corruption is a major contributor to inequality in the country.

The former Prime Minister said that if Kenya is to bridge the wide inequality gap, then justice can only be a shield and defender if there is democracy.

“It’s unfortunate that the Judiciary has not been helping Kenya as a country to fight corruption in our systems. We have seen people being arrested and taken to court where evidence is presented but our courts end up releasing these people on bail,” he said.

The ODM leader further observed that if the youth are empowered, they will be able to participate in wealth creation and in turn help in bridging the inequality gap.

He challenged universities to empower the youth with skills that will enable them to stand out.

“Young people don’t have to leave their homes to get degrees (and I challenge this institution and others to increase the number of online courses they offer). So that a young orphan who has to work to take care of her siblings and can’t make it to class isn’t left behind,” said Odinga.

He was speaking at the University where Ford Foundation president Darren Walker gave a public lecture on “Bridging the Inequality Gap in East Africa”.

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