Hilarious: How To Know If You Live in a ‘Ploti’, Flat, or Apartment

October 4, 2018

Apparently, there is a big difference between living in a plot, a flat, and an apartment.

If you’re still not sure which of the above you live in, wonder no more because a Facebook user, one Antony Ndungu, has broken down in great detail the key differences between the three.

While one might believe that the main difference is in how deep one’s pockets are, Antony reckons there’s more to it. He says he did his research after an encounter with a female friend who got offended when he asked her how many floors the ‘ploti’ she lives in has.

Read below to find out your lane.


I once asked a friend, “ploti yenyu huwa na floors ngapi?”
I got no response. I asked again.
Kumbe my question had offended her.
“Mimi siishi kwa ploti tafadhali. Naishi kwa flat. Tumeelewana?” She retorted.

I started asking myself, what’s the difference between a flat and an apartment? Take a look at these apartments for rent in Lansing for reference.

I did a ka small research and from my findings, I concluded that indeed there’s a whole world of difference kati ya hizo tatu.

Tofauti ni:
1. Vitu watu wanaombana
2. Kesi

Kwa ploti watu wakiombana pegs and space kwa kamba ya kuanika nguo, kwa flat watu wanaombana password ya WI-FI na HDMI Cable whereas kwa apartment ni “Kindly let me use your extra parking slot coz I have visitors tomorrow”

Kwa ploti watu wakifanya kesi za “mbona hukusema nianue nguo zimekauka ndiyo uanike zako?”, kwa flat ni, “that poodle of yours is always disturbing our peace. The barking is just too much”. Kwa apartment ni “House number A17 needs to tell her kids to stop playing in the elevator”

If you thought it’s the amount of money you pay as rent or the location of the building is what determines if you live in a ploti, flat or apartment, you are wrong.
Ni kesi na vitu mnaombana ndiyo huamua.

Another difference is the name of that guy in charge.
Kwa ploti anaitwa MTU WA KU PUMP MAJI, kwa flat anaitwa CARETAKER na kwa apartment anaitwa PROPERTY MANAGER.

Know the difference to avoid annoying your friends.

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