Watch Moment President Uhuru’s Good Mood was Ruined by his Aide-De-Camp

September 13, 2018

Who can blame him for the way he reacted to his Aide De Camp? Being touched without consent or by a stranger is quite uncomfortable and irritating to a lot of people and President Uhuru Kenyatta appears to be one of them.

In a rare moment caught on video footage and picked out by hawk-eyed people of the internet, the Head of State was filmed losing his cool after his ADC, believed to be Lieutenant Colonel Victor Mburu, appeared to poke his shoulder as if to remove a stain from Uhuru’s suit.

The incident happened as Uhuru excitedly boarded the President’s ceremonial bare-back Land Rover for a lap of appreciation by his people at a past national event. No sooner had Uhuru picked out his spot atop the vehicle than Lt Col Mburu noticed something on the back of his boss’ suit.

The officer then moved closer behind Uhuru’s back and awkwardly tried to scrub off, whatever it was, that seemed to bother him so much. In doing so, Lt Col Mburu effectively ruined Uhuru’s visible jovial mood and carelessly broke protocol.

While the officer’s intentions might be considered by some as good, other people will argue that he acted unprofessionally by failing to uphold one of his key roles which is to give the presidency dignity and honour.

Judging by Uhuru’s reaction, the officer failed at his one job and worse still, ruined his moment to shine before his Kumira Kumira Tano Tena folk. Unforgivable!

Lieutenant Colonel Victor Mburu has since been replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stelu Lekolool, drawn from the Kenya Navy.

Click play below. It looks as though Uhuru was ready to risk it all with a b*tch slap.

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