History Made As Uhuru Gets New Aide-de-Camp From The Navy

July 18, 2018

Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stelu Lekolool has made history as the first Aide-de-Camp drawn from the Kenyan Navy.

The President Strategic Communication Unit made the announcement on Tuesday as they tweeted a photo of the new ADC standing behind the president on his first public assignment.

Lt. Stelu Lekolool takes over from Lt Col Victor Mburu who took over from the long-serving Lt. Col Peter Njiru in August 2017.

Lt.Col Peter Njiru was last week promoted to Brigadier and appointed as Commandant, Recruit Training school.

Explaining why the change of guard was carried out in less than a year, Acting State House spokesperson Kanze Dena said Mburu has gone for further military studies.

Kanze noted that the change was a normal rotation carried out in line with military practice to allow for career progression for the officers.

Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stelu Lekolool will now act as President Kenyatta’s personal assistant, help him on security matters, protocol and matters of military tradition.

Some of his roles include receiving gifts and other items on behalf of the president, escorting the president from the State House into a waiting car, carrying the President’s personal items like mobile phones and speeches when going on functions, attending to the needs of the president when required, and being aware of the president’s itinerary at all times.

Lekolool is also expected to provide advice and assistance to hosts of official functions on behalf of the President.

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