Watch: “Billionaire” Musician ‘KRG the Don’ Bullies Nairobi Motorists With his Mercedes CL63 AMG

September 6, 2018

There’s a thin line between being rich and being a rich A-hole, and Kenyan hitmaker ‘KRG the Don’ easily crosses this line.

The dancehall hitmaker is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest artistes in the country and has never been one to shy away from showing off. While his music and forced Jamaican patois accent can be considered by most people as wanting, his deep pockets are not, making him the worst kind of a braggart.

He is known for shooting costly music videos, rolling in some of the most expensive rides, buying his wife cars on her birthdays, and generally, blowing money fast like the baller he is.In a past interview, the hitmaker explained his vast source as wealth saying his family, especially parents, “saw the potential in me and they invested.”

“My money comes from business. I am into construction. I have a company called Kilions Group that builds roads and buildings together with my partner. I also have a tours and travel business called Taraja Safaris where we do ticketing, safaris and car hire. I also have a transport business under Wallstreet Corporation that runs the business of commercial lorries like trailers and tippers. I have other investments too.”

In fact, KRG the Don, who founded Fast Cash Music Group to record his own music, claimed he is more than a millionaire.

“I can’t say I am a millionaire. Maybe a billionaire, because of the land I own. The cars I have could be the equivalent of millions in value. I own all the cars I have including a Chrysler 300C, which is a 2008 model. It’s not as expensive as people think. In total, I have about six cars that I drive including a Land Cruiser VX V8, the 2014 model, which is the most expensive in my collection,” said KRG in 2015.

The ‘Mr International’ hitmaker now has a new whip in his ostentatious collection of cars: a black Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG worth an estimated Sh15 million.And the ‘Lamba Lolo’ hitmaker has been disturbing the peace on Nairobi streets with reckless abandon and in accordance with his bad boy image.

KRG even had the guts to share clips of his illegal shenanigans on his socials, which show him performing ‘doughnuts’ in traffic in the middle of the night.

“BadBoy games wid my TOY #AMG || so many doughnuts inna backstreet || Badness str8,” KRG captioned one clip.

In another clip, he bullied a dog that was just minding its business and wrote: “I bet that dog had a story to tell other dogs if they tell each other stories.”

But his most outrageous act of rich A-hole happened in broad daylight as KRG the Don burnt out his tires in traffic and left the motorist behind him in a helpless cloud of smoke.

KRG the Don joked: “Am giving people free shisha in traffic.”

Watch the clips below. The rich A-hole doesn’t even seem one bit bothered by the fuel crisis in the country.



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