Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Shout Outs Stella Mwangi for “Dope Lyrics” on ‘Ballers’ TV Show

September 5, 2018

Kenya’s ‘baddest’ femcee Stella Mwangi has copped a huge endorsement from the one and only Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

The Norway-based rapper was early this week stoked when the Amercian actor and professional wrestler took some time off his busy schedule to shout her out for what she does best: dropping fire bars.

This happened on Monday when the Rock took to his Instagram account with over 114 million followers to appreciate Stella Mwangi for her lyrical prowess in the song titled “No Games”, that is featured in season four of hit series “Ballers”.

Quoting STL’s fire lyrics, the Rock wrote: “‘Oh Lord look what I got though No Dwayne but I Rock though!’ Shout to bad ass rapper Stella Mwangi for the dope lyrics.”

STL responded to The Rock’s applause on her Insta and extended the shout out to her producers.

“When The Rock give u a shout out?? Shout out to my Producers,” wrote STL.

The ‘Ballers’ soundtrack is yet another of Stella Mwangi’s many features in a host of Hollywood films and TV shows.

The tracks, such as Big Girl(Rough Night movie), Set It Off(A Bad Moms Christmas and Being Mary Jane), Get Up and Go(Rosewood tv show), Work(theme song for Reebok Classics Free Your Style 2017 campaign), and others are off Stella Mwangi self-titled EP.

In a past interview, Stella said: “The success of my self-titled EP is just phenomenal! I thank my fans and management for the continued support and love they show me and my EP every day.”

That was February last year and the indications are that Stella Mwangi will keep on winning for the foreseeable future.

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