Alaine Features Willy Paul Look-Alike in New Animated Music Video

September 19, 2018

Kenyans are convinced that the male cartoon character in Alaine’s latest music video is Willy Paul.

The two singers caused quite a stir in the Kenyan music industry when they worked together on a wedding song titled ‘I Do’ in February 2017. And it appears Willy Paul is still very much in Alaine’s thoughts despite their long-distance “marriage” if her latest song is anything to go by.

Off the ‘Glory’ riddim, the song is titled ‘Sure Thing’, and it sees the Jamaican beauty sing the praises of the kind of love she shares with a mystery man.

Alaine released the song’s animated video on YouTube last week, and her Kenyan fans were quick to point out the uncanny resemblance between her toon prince in the clip and her other fake Prince from Kenya, Willy Paul.

”Mbona huyu chali anakaa Willy Paul,” Tin Visuals wondered.

”Eeh Willy paul kumbe alimaliza Alaine uyo ni willy poze sio willy roze,” Hum Babah wrote.

”Huyo ni willy paul walai,” Tonny Wainaina posted.

”Mbona hio nywele inakaa ya willy Paul?” asked Judy Mumbi. ”Is that willy Paul?” Gabriella Mcconell also wanted to know.

Reached for comment, Willy Paul claimed he is yet to watch the video.

Check it out below.

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