K24 Presenter Blasts Nyakundi for Insulting Kenyan Women After Wedding to Ugandan

August 29, 2018

Martin Githinji, the lead actor in Maisha Magic East’s ‘Sue na Jonnie’ has not taken kindly to blogger Nyakundi using his wedding to hurl insults at Kenyan women.

Githinji aka Daddie Marto, who is also a Panelist on K24’s ‘Talk Central’, wed his Ugandan bride, Christine Kokueendera Lwanga, in a traditional ceremony last week.

However, as the lovebirds were enjoying their nuptials, the ill-famed blogger Cyprian Nyakundi capitalised on the occasion to launch a vile attack on Kenyan women for the umpteenth time.

Taking to social media Monday, Nyakundi also cited the recent nuptials of Sauti Sol band member Polycarp Otieno and his Burundian bride, Lady Mandy.

He wrote in part: “After Polycarp of Sauti Sol married his Burundian sweet-heart, now Martin Githinji, a popular actor/presenter has married his girlfriend Ugandan Koku Lwanga. Once again kama madame wa huku mtaani wanafikiria tutakaa hapa tukingoja mumalize upoko ya kubomolewa na ma-Sponsor, mtashangaa nyinyi [expletive].

“Mumetuchokesha yetu yote,” he concluded.

This prompted the newlywed Daddie Marto to respond to the notorious misogynist explaining that his insults are nugatory.

“Thank you for your kind words to myself and my wife. Use the same gentle spirit to talk to other Kenyan women you feel have erred in their ways. The insults won’t accomplish anything. There is a lesson yes but that’s not the way to drum it. BE KIND. It won’t cost you a thing. I respect and value all Kenyan women alike. If you feel they are flawed. Let’s mitigate, not agitate,” wrote Martin.

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