Nairobi girl-about-town Huddah Monroe has for the first time in years talked about her rumored archenemy- fellow socialite Vera Sidika.

The two lasses have long been said to be at loggerheads with each other after a failed friendship some years back. But according to Huddah, their beef is simply a creation of the media and that Vera has never been an issue.

“Honest to God, she(Vera) has never been an issue. We are two totally different people. She is doing her and I am doing me,” said the petite beauty.

She added: “Media will always make everything seem so bad and they create beef where it doesn’t exist. So you end up hating on another for no reason.”

While answering fans’ questions using the new Instagram questioning feature, the cosmetics entrepreneur said that she regrets how things panned out during their formative years as ‘socialites’.

That’s not who I am. I am generally a very loving person. I regret all the bullshit and all the social media dramas and that’s why I don’t do it anymore. Cheers to positivity,” she concluded.