VIDEO- Njugush Explaining Football to ‘Mama Kavitz’ is The Funniest Thing You’ll Watch Today

July 5, 2018

The World Cup 2018 in Russia is still the most talked about event at the moment as the remaining eight teams prepare to clash in the quarterfinals beginning Friday.

Being mostly a man’s game, most women are obviously not keen on the football proceedings. However, there are women whose curiosity about the game and why men love it so much has gotten the better of them.

One such woman is Celestine Ndinda, better known as Mama Kavitz or Mama Kavinye, who watched a football game with her hubby, Njugush.

The comedian, however, learnt never to watch a game with Mama Kavitz after he was bombarded with a host of questions. Being the mischievous character he has always been, Njugush found a way to explain all the football jargon in a video that is comedy gold.

Watch below.

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