I Would Have Died of Depression, Pierra Makena Recalls Day Before Giving Birth

July 23, 2018

Kenyan actress and entertainer Pierra Makena has opened up about the hardest time of her life which was a day before she gave birth to her daughter, Ricca Pokőt.

Ricca turned two over the weekend and Pierra was more than reflective as she opened up about going through childbirth alone without the support of her baby daddy.

“A day before I gave birth to my little princess… I was going through the hardest time of my life..yet I went through it with a smile. I did not know where to start..what my child will eat..where I will take her..i did not have enough resources… I did not have a job and my savings had run out, recounted the DJ.

She went on to add: “My family and very close friends were great support otherwise I would have died of depression. I always imagined giving birth and having the father of my unborn child holding my hand and helping even if it is with a diaper…but I was alone…with many questions and fear…I honestly was a little below rock bottom.”

To find the strength to go through it all, Pierra turned to gospel music, specifically Mercy Masika’s hit record ‘Mwema’.

“I remember I sat in my car and I played and replayed MWEMA by @mercymasikamuguro I cried so many times to God and prayed so many different prayers coz I didn’t know what would be good for me anymore.”

One of Pierra’s prayers was asking God to be the father of her baby.

“I remember looking up and telling God please..please Be the father to my unborn child……. I don’t ever want to be like this again…. and in my car, in the house, I just replayed the song like 100 times.

She added: “The following day I went to The hub(mall)…. just to walk around and yes all the time either my sister my mom my bros or my friend would be around coz they knew i needed the support though I didn’t ask…I walked so much….and guess what!!!! My water broke.”

Pierra Makena went on to thank all those who supported her saying: “To anyone who stood up for me and shared my tears. Let’s enjoy the smiles.”


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