Vera Explains Why She Doesn’t Post Otile Brown Pictures

June 26, 2018

Nairobi socialite turned entrepreneur Vera Sidika has maintained that her relationship with musician Otile Brown is not all about the showbiz.

Speaking during the launch of her beauty parlor in Westlands, Nairobi on Sunday, the former video vixen said she is hopeful of a great future with Otile Brown.

Vera, who also had a stint as a reality tv actress in Nairobi Diaries, also addressed why she doesn’t share pictures of her ‘beau’ on social media.

Fans of the showbiz couple had noticed that Vera does not post pictures of Otile as much as he does, leading to speculation that the relationship was one-sided and casting doubts its authenticity.

But according to Vera, “One thing that people do not understand is that I do not post his pictures on social media.

“People have different ways of expressing or experiencing affection. He [Otile Brown] is the kind of a person, who will go all out.”

She continued, “I would wake up one morning; and while going through my Instagram page, I would see his posts about me. He likes to surprise me with such things. He is that kind of a person. That is his way of expressing affection, which is kind of different from my way.”

Vera Sidika further stated that, “I have been in a relationship before, and I am always trying to be careful as well; I am not saying it [posting a spouse’s picture on social media] is a bad thing. I am just trying to make sure that we are making the right moves; that we are not rushing into things.”

She concluded by dismissing claims that she makes Otile Brown post her pictures on his pages.

“People think I am telling Otile Brown to post my pictures on his social media pages, no. He does it because he wants to, and not because I asked him to. He does not expect me to do the same.”

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