My Dreadlocks are Worth Sh300 Million, Says Fena Gitu as She Drops New Hit ‘Ndigithia’

June 11, 2018

Apparently, Fena Gitu’s dreadlocks are worth a whole Mega Jackpot.

The ‘Trouble’ hitmaker is that attached to her trademark locks that nothing can make her shave them off unless it was life-changing. She said that she has promised to keep her dreadlocks for two decades and only an amount in the region of Sh300 million can make her chop them down.

“I wanna keep them as long as I’m alive and I have promised myself to keep them for twenty years because they are like my crown. Even after the twenty years, I think I will still keep them but If someone was to offer me three hundred million, then I would cut them.’’

Fena was speaking during an interview with a local radio station as she embarks on a media tour to promote her new hit ‘Ndigithia’ (Miss Me With It).

Speaking about the new track, Fena said it was inspired by real events.

“It is about the real life, like do not mess with my life and what I am doing. Respect me and I will respect you, too….Like I have sang in my song, Miss me with that. I rarely give haters my time. There is someone who asked me why I am wearing a hat, adding that women should stick to their place. That really bothered me,” said Fena.

‘Ndigithia’ also marks Fena’s first time at directing a music video. Check it out below.


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