Huddah Speaks Up on Her Foster Child and Why She Decided to Adopt

June 19, 2018

Huddah Monroe might have gained fame for all the wrong reasons but she is now striving to make a difference in the society.

One way the petite beauty is contributing to society is by being a foster parent to an underprivileged girl. While little is known about the girl, Huddah pays for her school fees and caters for her basic needs.

Huddah said the child has a mother and she only helps out with the finances.

“I adopted the baby because I feel like kids are very fragile and the kid’s parents couldn’t afford to pay the school fees. I used to ask this kid ‘do you want to go to school?’ and I saw her dream; she really wanted to go to school. I took her, she’s still with the mother but I pay for school and stuff like that. I love kids,” Huddah said.

According to Huddah, her love for kids inspired her self-titled Foundation that she uses to help needy kids.

“I started Huddah Foundation so that half of the money goes to my foundation to help kids, especially those that are disabled,” said Huddah during an interview in Tanzania where she had gone to headline a show hosted by WCB’s Harmonize last weekend.

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