Everything You Need to Know About Victor Wanyama’s Multi-Million Luxury Van

June 18, 2018

Tottenham star Victor Wanyama imported a state-of-the-art Volkswagen Crafter in 2016. The Crafter CR53 Maxi van 2014 model costs an estimated USD 47, 890 (KSh4.8 million) without any customised adjustments.

But Wanyama, who acquired the van in the United Kingdom, splashed up to Sh20 Million in modifying the car into an ultra-luxury vehicle.

The van, christened Rosie, is used by Wanyama and his family when he is in Kenya. It got Kenyans talking again when Wanyama and his brothers arrived in the van for an interview at Citizen TV last weekend.

More details about the van’s features have emerged from a source who sought anonymity.

“The five-door van is a six speed manual transmission with a 4 cylinder Diesel 2.0 engine. It has inbuilt internet. It has four security cameras – one in the front, one in the rear and two side-view cameras for exclusive safety needs,” said the source.

“The video recording system can record up to 64 gigabytes of footage. So, even if you power off the van, and an activity took place around it, all that action would be captured by the surveillance cameras.

“It has reclining seats similar to those in the first class flights. You can also rotate them at an angle of 360 degrees. There’s also a coffee table and a refrigerator. It also has a microwave where you can make your sandwich and warm your coffee,” said the source, adding: “The van’s rims are customized alloy.”

The source said the modifications were done in the UK by a company called Pure.

“The van has two screens for ultimate entertainment experience. One is at the front and another at the back. With the 10Mbps speed internet already installed, you can stream movies online; play video games and other online games on either of the screens. The vehicle also has an Apple TV which you can use to watch Netflix.”

“The van also has a 3000-Watt power stereo system which is designed in such a manner that the passengers in the front seats can listen to a different type of music from those seated in the back. However, you cannot play the stereo system’s full volume as it would destroy your eardrums, while in the same breath cause disturbance in your surroundings.”

To power all those features, the van comes with two batteries.

“The vehicle has two batteries, hence a doubled power storage capacity, increasing the time for which the devices in the van can run when the engine is off. One battery starts and runs the engine and another, powers the recreational functions. The van also has an inbuilt Air Conditioner.”

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