Zari Hassan Reveals The Biggest Mistake Women Make in Relationships

May 29, 2018

Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan has effectively ruled out ever getting back with Diamond Platnumz.

The mother of five dumped the philandering Bongo Flava star on Valentine’s Day. Over three months later, Zari has hinted that the biggest mistake she made was thinking she could change Diamond.

Zari made the revelation on social media while responding to a fan who begged her to forgive Diamond.

“Mama Nillan forgive baba Nillan just the family issues he will be okay I know you have given him a holiday but now it’s over come back to him, please. Diamond Platnumz is just a man, he can change,” begged the fan.

To which Zari responded, “The biggest mistake women make in a relationship is thinking they can change a man.”

Earlier this month, Zari also ruled out getting into another relationship saying her focus is on business and her children.

“The queue of men waiting to date me is unbelievable but I’m enjoying my life right now. When I’m ready I’ll open up to the next person but right now, it’s just me and my babies,” claimed Zari.

She continued, “My goal this year is to open up a fast food franchise…one Like KFC…So my effort, energy, and thoughts are all invested in this investment and not the next guy. Dreams are valid right?”

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