Timmy Tdat Lands in Trouble For Featuring MP’s Daughter in New Video

May 22, 2018

Timmy Tdat, the bad boy of the Kenyan music scene, is making headlines for the wrong reasons again.

Just weeks after he came under fire for exposing a woman’s underwear during a performance, the ‘Kitambo’ hitmaker is said to be locked in a dispute with a certain member of parliament.

According to word on the streets, the unnamed lawmaker has taken issue with the hitmaker for featuring his[Mp’s] daughter in an upcoming video. This is after word reportedly reached him that his daughter, who is a law student, is a vixen in the video.

The MP is said to have ordered Timmy Tdat not to release his upcoming song until he edits out the girl.

Timmy has, however, stood his ground and demanded to be compensated handsomely if he is to edit the video.

“I’ll release the video as I have invested too much money in it. Plus I contracted an agency and they came with the vixens. You can’t ask too many questions when it comes to videos all I know is that the models are contracted from a modelling agency, so I had no way of knowing who she really was on set,” said Timmy.

He added: “I told him I’m going to release the video as scheduled with all due respect. They will have to compensate me in double, for the time and money. If they refund double, I will shoot a video without the chic as editing her out of the current video will disrupt the flow as she features prominently. I can’t cut her out , you just don’t do things like that.”

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