Size 8 Advises Kenyan Women on How to Deal With Husband-Snatching Friends

May 23, 2018

With husband-snatching becoming more rampant even amongst friends, gospel singer Size 8 Reborn has revealed her formula for keeping husband thieves at bay.

The mother of one, who is married to DJ Mo, says that you can never stop the intentions of a bad friend and therefore, tough measures are required.

“If they want to do bad things they will always find a way of executing their thoughts. If you have a bad friend, no matter how many limits you put, you can never stop them from doing whatever they wish.

“If she wants your husband, they will find a way of getting to them,” she said.

According to Size 8, one thing women should stop doing is singing their husband’s praises to their friends.

“A thief will always find a way to steal regardless of whatever boundaries you put. Also, women should stop overpraising their husbands to their friends, especially the single ones. You will only tempt them,” Size 8 noted.

She warned women to be careful of the friends they keep and to avoid those who do not respect boundaries.

“I always have boundaries with my friends’ and sister’s husband. Your friends should not have a relationship with your partner at all,” she stated.

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