“Kenyan Artistes Need to be Respected,” Otile Brown Rants After Alleged Threats

May 23, 2018

Once again, musician Otile Brown is making noise as he prepares to release a new song.

The “Chaguo La Moyo” hitmaker on Monday took to Instagram to let out his frustrations about the treatment of Kenyan artistes by promoters and stakeholders.

According to Otile, he works so hard to accept peanuts. This he said while hitting out at an unidentified individual who allegedly tried to pull a scam on his manager.

“They say niko na kichwa ngumu na Maringo/Madharau coz am so strict when it comes to my job and now someone is threatening me coz my manager hanged up on him after his team tried to pull a stunt on us being so unprofessional,” ranted Otile.

He added, “brah get over your feelings and bring it on, I don’t care brah, I work so hard you are going to respect my grind.”

Otile further called on Kenyan artistes to stand up and be counted.

“Kenyan artists have to be respected. If some artists choose to be paid peanuts and be treated like nothing in the name of “we’ll give you more gigs “ Ni sawa but when it comes to me bruh! you’ll respect me.

” Artistes just wake up. We don’t need them, we both need each other. We work so hard maze.”


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