Bonoko’s Kibanda Date Did Not Send Betty Kyallo to Hospital, This is What Did

May 31, 2018

Beloved KTN News presenter Betty Kyallo on Wednesday had her fans worried after she was admitted in a hospital.

Taking to the gram, Betty revealed that she had been admitted in hospital and shared pictures of herself in hospital. One of the pictures showed her hooked to a drip as she received treatment at the AAR Healthcare Karen.

“And just like that I’m in hospital,” Betty announced.

Betty’s hospitalization comes just days after her date with radio presenter James Kang’ethe aka Bonoko at a ‘Kibandaski’ in Ngara.

The news anchor was in Mathare on Sunday where together with Bonoko they donated books and funds to finish building a community school. And after the noble cause, Betty revealed that Bonoko took her to his favourite food joint where she ate chapo beans, a kdf, and tea. 

This prompted Betty’s fans to warn her against impending stomach problems from eating at a Kibandaski.

When Betty fell sick yesterday, some fans were convinced that it was because of her lunch date with Bonoko.

However, Betty came out later to reveal that she was suffering from fatigue and bad tonsils.

“I’m great… feeling much better. Fatigue and some bad tonsils got me down today but im now better chillin at home. Pia kudungwa shindano some places si mchezo,” posted Betty.

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