“We Are Allowed to Take Holidays,” Joho Explains Absence

April 26, 2018

The Sultan of Mombasa Hassan Joho has defended his conspicuous absence from his county saying he needed some time off to renergise.

Speaking on the sidelines on the 5th Annual Devolution Conference in Kakamega, the Mombasa Governor said: “First of all I traveled for work, then I took time out. I have been travelling way before I was a politician and sometimes I need time to think and re-energize.”

The Governor further stated that service delivery was smooth despite his absence as he has a competent team.

“I was not missing, I was away on some other matters but I had a functional government. I have a competent team in office. We have structures that work.” said Joho.

The ODM Deputy Leader added that he is allowed to take time off.

“If anything, we are allowed to take holidays at times. We are not only politicians but also humans who are allowed to take holidays ones in a while,” he said.

“I thank God I’m blessed enough to pay for my own travel,” added Joho.

He reiterated his commitment as County boss saying that he will continue to represent the interest of Mombasa and the issues that affect the people.

Joho resurfaced at the wedding of Ali Kiba last week after visits to Estonia, Spain, France, and Australia that kicked off early March.

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