PHOTO – When Four Months Pregnant Lillian Muli Went Dancing Dressed in Booty Shorts

April 25, 2018

Citizen TV news presenter Lillian Muli is about to launch her pregnancy diary “Pregnant With Lillian.”

The show will document the journalist’s pregnancy journey for her second child which she describes as “incredibly eye-opening and fulfilling”.

As a prequel to her highly anticipated journey, Lillian Muli on Tuesday afternoon shared a picture when she was four-months pregnant.

The picture, however, courted a little bit of controversy as Lillian was out dancing and dressed in denim shorts.

She captioned it: “Laughing out Loud. I Love Dancing. Not the best dancer though but used to be. I was 4 months pregnant here…good times with fun people.”

To which, one Ronny Reagan, responded: “OK noted but I don’t expect you to be doing this I respect your authority my dear.”

A seemingly stunned Muli replied: “is this a joke? What the hell!!!”

Another user, mawiakomu, commented: “What does this one mean?”

Muli responded: “what do you think it means?”

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