Lillian Muli To Share Her “Eye-Opening and Fulfilling” Pregnancy Journey With You – Watch Trailer

April 20, 2018

While being pregnant can be a challenging and often times uncomfortable experience, there are moments when being pregnant brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty.

Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.

That is why Citizen TV news presenter Lillian Muli wants to share with anyone who cares to learn about pregnancy, her own life creation process.

Muli, who is already past the halfway mark in her pregnancy, will soon be launching her pregnancy diary dubbed “Pregnant With Lillian.’

Details about the show are still scanty but Lillian says it’s coming soon. She made the revelation on social media last night.

“I’m way past 20 weeks pregnant but retracing my footsteps…the challenges and milestones, the things I’ve learnt that have helped me cope better…answers to the many questions I’ve had,” wrote Muli on Instagram.

“This journey is one I am so excited to share with expectant mums and new mums and even daddies and daddies to be in fact all of you who care to learn like I have. ”

She went on: “Pregnancy can be a lot of things Terrifying, exciting, overwhelming, lonely but one thing is certain it is an incredibly eye-opening and fulfilling journey.”

Lillian, who is expecting her second child, also posted on the gram, a video of what we can expect from ‘Pregnant With Lillian.’

Check it out below.


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