Eric Omondi Flaunts Chantal’s Exquisite Crib But Netizens Think It’s Another Stunt [PHOTOS]

April 18, 2018

It appears fans of Eric Omondi have had enough of the comedian’s stunts and have stopped him in his tracks as he seemingly launched another marketing gimmick.

The popular comedian on Tuesday morning took to his social media to flaunt an exquisite Bungalow which he claimed belongs to his Italian beauty Chantal Grazioli.

According to Omondi, the crib was a gift to Chantal from her parents. He added that Chantal is renting it out and added a phone number through which renters can call for more details.

The crib is located at Five Star Estate along Kiambu Road and Eric only shared pictures of the exterior. This appeared to be the biggest dead giveaway that this was another marketing stunt by Omondi.

The post attracted mixed reactions, with some netizens praising Eric for upholding an African culture that prohibits men from living in their spouses’ houses.

ras_super1 commented: “Thanks @ericomondi for upholding the African culture. You don’t live your woman’s house.”

lassy_jee added: “Eriko amekaa hapo thinking thrice… Do we have to rent it out anyway but my culture… Mmmmmmh watasema nimeolewa”

Otienodaniel121 asked: “Kwani ulishindwa kumnunnlia ka hio ….nkt unaangusha sana wajaluo ??????”

wadiso1924 wrote: “Lol umekua broker acha kutubeba ufala…”

susanna_abdulla commented: “This is just an advert they’re doing don’t think it’s real…we’re used to your stunts Eric.”

“You guys should just say ur renting the house its not hers though…,” narita_nuri_nuri added.

misssamoh praised Omondi, saying: “Looks like you have great advertising and marketing skills.”

dhikucho wrote: “Omondi promotes alot of things for different companies thts his work .no one sells gifts from parents especially parents”

abu_rama29 advised: “@ericomondi Instead of renting it out… best put it in AirBnB…you will get more regular money than rental where you have to wait till end month…”

amormariam noted: “This guy’s marketing skills are on point. Uses controversy to sell….from bonfire hanging balls to billboards and now a gift from “parents”….”

The photos

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