“Unapologetic” Kamene Goro Hits Back at Body Shamers With More Racy Lingerie Pictures

March 28, 2018

Former Ebru TV news reader Kamene Goro is unapologetic to anyone who might have taken offense at her provocative snaps on Instagram.

The curvaceous media personality has been on a month-long campaign with Double Dee’s Kenya, a lingerie store for plus size women. The campaign, dubbed “Be You Campaign”, seeks to empower women who are endowed.

Through Instagram, Kamene has been serving as the face of Double Dee’s in what she describes as a “brilliant journey of self-love and discovery.”

It was not until her 26th birthday a few days ago that her self-love journey seemingly crossed the line for a section of IG users.

This is because Kamene went the extra mile and posted a full body snap in racy lingerie flaunting all her glorious curves.

Before that, the tv bombshell had been posting snaps flaunting only her bodacious and ample bosom.

Kamene’s eyeful “gift”, however, appeared to have rubbed the wrong way people who can’t appreciate the beauty of a big girl.

Luckily, Kamene Goro has a beautiful thick skin(no pun intended) and has refused to be put down by a couple of hateful comments.

On Monday, she responded by disturbing the peace some more with another snap from her steamy catalog, this time in a black piece that perfectly champions body positivity.

Kamene further accompanied the snap with a must-read caption.

She wrote: “I love that doubledeeske picked me to go on this brilliant journey of self-love and discovery, because I have been confronted with the reality that is my body, and I love it! It’s really surprising the impact a little photo of a big girl in some really pretty underwear can have. How hateful some can be but how loving more of you are. So to those of you who caught such deep feelings about the last photo, here’s another one, Get mad!!! I told y’all, buckle up, It’s a Storm!!! #Fearless #Unapologetic.”

Hear from the horse’s mouth in the video below.

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