“Own Up To What You Did To Me Like a Man..” Nazlin Umar to Aden Duale

March 1, 2018

No sooner had Aden Duale celebrated the dismissal of an election petition against his win than more trouble emerged.

This after former presidential candidate Nazlin Umar accused him of refusing to address their tumultuous love affair and left her at the mercy of the Internet trolls.

Umar, who admitted that she was in a relationship with the legislator after an audio recording of their intimate conversation leaked late last year, wants Duale to stop using her as a shield and come out of hiding from under her skirts to publicly reveal what he did to her.

Calling him a ‘mighty cowardly criminal’, Ms Umar challenged the National Assembly Majority leader to man up and own up to what he did to her.

In a long Facebook post, Ms Umar vowed to settle the matter once and for all – In front of a Judge and before Allah.

While she did not expressly point out Duale’s seemingly unforgivable crimes, Ms Umar said she would pen a longer and more detailed post.

Read her full post below.

“Nazlin- Aden Duale. Opening the servers. Its been very hard for me, all this saga, facing your made demons. Yet the truth remains unsaid. My wounds remain imbedded for life, unhealed. The physical wounds that you gave me.

My open note to you. I think my EX was more two faced. And definitely, this tiny baby snake is braver than the mighty cowardly criminal that you remain, hiding inside my skirts using me as a punching bag/ shield to hide behind as I take all these blows for you.

Aden Duale Aden Duale come see unique similarities. ??? the whole day yesterday, various media houses hounded me about your win in the petition and many journalists and individuals tagged me to start opening the servers again or respond to their posts. Twisted news. I’m tired of all this undeserved slander to my honorable names and person. How long am I supposed to bear your pains and wounds in the dark? Behind closed doors.

I congratulate you for your win in court. I had no doubt on it. I thank Allah for the same ~ I didn’t not want to take any legal action until Farah Maalims case was done with because I do not wish your enemies to use our issues to tilt the weak scales of justice in their favor without merit. Many courts are weak like that and do get influenced by public issues. You know me very well. I am very honorable about things like that. Also your community/ clan elders have failed to lead maslaha. Those who dared approach me didn’t get far but were warned. You don’t want them to know what you did to me, which facts remain hidden to date, save for a few who do and you thought we could sort our issues between ourselves but no. We can’t and I have refused. And no, I cant forgive you. May Allah swt be my wali in all this and may Islamic shariah and the laws of our land prevail between us and my complaints against you as my lawyers to proceed with all necessary criminal and civil action against you. I remain most virtuous and most moral. Not the names you have caused me to be slandered with as such. l just because you were too cowardly to come out openly like a man should and own up to what you did to me, to clear my honorable names and protect me.

“Those who misrepresented virtuous believing women are cursed in this world and the hereafter. For them there awaits an awful doom.” ~ All Qur’an.

This is our deen and the laws of our deen must be upheld between you and me. In this world and the hereafter. May Allah swt be witness, may He remain my wali. Ameeen thumma Ameen.

A longer, more detailed post later. This snake just reminded me of you, so U thought I will send you my salaams early. Justice WILL prevail. InShaAllah. However mighty you may be, Allah Azawajal remains the mightiest.

NB: To trollers. Any bitchy remark warrants instant blocking. Remember your God first.”

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