Jalang’o Picked Up in a Chopper After Almost Being Swept Away by Floods in Isinya[Photos]

March 21, 2018
Jalas at Enchipai

Popular radio presenter Jalang’o continues to be the embodiment of “Ujaluo ni Gharama.” This after the Hot96 FM presenter was forced to request a helicopter to rescue him from flash floods in Isinya.

Speaking with his radio co-host Jeff Koinange, Jalang’o narrated how he was almost swept away by floods after sinking into a deep hole. He said he had to order a flatbed truck to come and pick up his BMW X6 from Isinya because the roads were impassable.

Jalas told Jeff that he missed their morning show because of the incident and that he had to spend a night at Enchipai cottages before he could request the chopper.

This is, however, not the first time the radio personality has pulled off such a stunt.

In 2016, he hailed an Uber chopper after the Range Rover he was traveling in broke down along the busy Mai Mahiu highway.

Jalas was returning to Nairobi in the company of Big Kev, Owago Onyiro, Obinna, and Timmy T Dat from the 4th edition of Mashujaa Party held at Crayfish Camp.

Here are some pics of the chopper picking him up from Enchipai:


Bonding with Nature…..Isinya tings

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