“My Two Daughters are the Joy of my Life,” KenRazy Talks Fatherhood

February 19, 2018

Rapper KenRazy, real name Kenneth Barnabas, is arguably one of the best hitmakers in the country.

When he is not making music, the ‘Mbilikimo Mkora’ rapper is husband to female rapper, Sosuun. The two are blessed with two daughters, Keniana Ruth and  Freneth Highness.

KenRazy recently opened up about fatherhood and this is what he had to say:

What do you love most about being a parent?

I love almost everything about being a dad but mostly the fact that I get to go through a lifetime chance of being a teacher to my daughters and always ready for their endless questions.

 Above all, they just bring me joy every day of my life. We watch cartoons and baby songs together hence I get to at least have an excuse of being silly without any judgment from anyone.

What are some of the challenges you face as a father?

 There are so many challenges including me the best version of myself. They believe that their dad is the best in everything which keeps me working even harder and smarter. But since I live for them I’m so comfortable with that.

What are some of the lessons you would like to teach them?

I always show them so much love and that’s the most important thing I instill in them to the point that when they grow up and experience something that’s not love, they’ll automatically stay away.

I also ensure they grow with good Christian morals and always be honest just to mention a few. But there’s so much more that I teach my kids because it’s life and learning never stops.

How do you spend time together?

With the elder one we always have our bike riding and skating days, watch bible story movies and singing/rap sessions since she is extremely and naturally talented.

Then with my 10-month-old princess, we play a lot of my own invented random baby games. But mostly we watch baby cartoons and songs together.

Aside from those there are just so many exciting things I always do with my princesses every single second I get with them.

If your daughters were old enough what advice would you give them?

To always have a positive attitude towards everything

As a father what are some of the lessons you have learned?

Parenting is not easy in all aspects but most importantly you have to be there for your children and always pay attention to every detail of their lives.

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