Tero Mdee Reveals “My Family was Upset About My Relationship with Prophet Hebron”

February 28, 2018

Until late last year, former KTN Straight Up TV host Tero Mdee was forgotten in the Kenyan scene. She disappeared into oblivion after relocating to her home country Tanzania where she got married to Pastor (now Prophet) Hebron Kisamo.

At her prime as a television host, Tero, who is Vanessa Mdee’s older sister, was widely recognized as one of the most fashionable celebs in the country.

In September last year, she stunned the Kenyan population after releasing her debut gospel single dubbed “Taa Ya Miguu Yangu” under her new name Nancy Hebron.

Remember Tero Mdee? She’s Now a Gospel Singer and is Unrecognizable (VIDEO)

Nancy/Tero was back in the country last week for her first-ever media tour since she embarked on her gospel music journey.

Her arrival in the country saw her open up about her “disappearance” and marriage to Prophet Hebron.

After she married a few years ago, her family was not happy, but she went ahead and denounced her family names and called herself Nancy Hebron.

She made the revelations during an interview on Kiss 100 morning show.

“My husband was my brother’s friend. My family was upset about my relationship with Hebron because I did not tell them on time, but later I spoke to them and I told them. They had to understand that a relation is between two people. There is no way one can decide for me who I should marry.”

Asked if her husband carried out traditional dowry processions, Nancy said her mother does not believe in payment of dowry “because in a sense, it feels like for the man, you are buying her, which is not right”.

“After three years, we did another wedding, which we now think was good. We invited family and friends. The first wedding was a bit of a mess because there was too much drama. The one we did later is the one we would want to remember. Hebron had another woman who left him because he had run out of money,” Nancy said.

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