“I Kissed a Few Frogs at UoN,” Mwalimu Rachel Talks Campus Life

February 26, 2018

Rachel Muthoni aka Mwalimu Rachel is a TV and radio presenter, MC, voice over artiste, social media influencer, and motivational speaker.

Until recently, she was a radio presenter at Homeboyz Radio where she established herself and became a force to reckon with.

She now has her focus on social change and empowering young people with the right tools to impact a better future through her company MRX Media Limited.

Mwalimu Rachel opened up to Standard about her campus life at the University of Nairobi.

Which university did you attend?

I am an alumni of the University of Nairobi where I pursued a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree majoring in Sociology, Language and Communications.

 Your toughest unit?

Political Science! Yikes! I dropped the course unit in my second year.

How did you balance between social life and study?

House parties, then you discover CATs are around the corner so you live in the library.

Did you skip classes?

Of course. That’s why it’s campus not high school. It wasn’t all because of the party scene that I skipped, I also had to maintain an internship at Homeboyz Radio and wanted to show the boss I could handle it.

I made it work by spending more hours at the library and reading at night when others slept.

Where did you hang out?

Apart from the regular house parties, the CBD and Westlands was our favorite hangout.

How did you manage your finances in campus?

Helb. Lol. Also, I have always been careful with my money. Only buying the necessities, and spoiling myself once in a whiiiile!

Your dating experience in campus?

I kissed a few frogs over that period and even went steady with one for a while. But ‘campo’ honestly isn’t the place to have a serious relationship. Date yes, but just focus on studies, building you and networking.

Your best and worst campus experience?

I enjoyed movie marathons with my friends where we’d get food and watch as a group the whole night. That was awesome.

When that surprise test was announced, however, all the fun flew out of the window especially if you had no idea what the unit is about.

What were your side hustles?

Just radio at the time. I used to present sports news during the weekdays and the late night show from midnight to 3 am on Friday and Saturday.

Your favorite fashion style

Smart casual.

Advice to those in school

Study hard, but also remember you have a life to live. So, go out there, have fun, meet people, go places, get into some mischief and be holistic. No regrets.

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