Watch: Hilarious Video on How We Watch Citizen TV Nowadays

January 26, 2018

If you watch Kenyan television, more so Citizen TV, you have probably seen the many advertisements promoting the new Viusasa video on demand service accessible through the Viusasa app.

The platform is owned by Content Aggregation Limited (CAL), a Kenyan content aggregation and distribution company whose main aim is to “grow and foster local production.”

As it seeks to get ahead of the competitive video streaming market, ViuSasa is being backed by one of the biggest media players in the country, Royal Media Services. This explains why there is a commercial about ViuSasa almost every five minutes on Citizen TV and other Royal Media outlets.

As a result of the many ads, a popular content developer, Terence Creative, has created an accurate video depiction of what it is like to watch Citizen TV nowadays.

Check it out below.

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