Suicidal Man Dies in Fire After Killing Wife, Three Children and Setting House Ablaze

January 17, 2018

A man on Tuesday morning killed his wife and three children before committing suicide by setting their house ablaze in Witeithe, Kiambu county.

Patrick Nderitu Karuiru, who is a manager at a local quarry, is suspected to have clobbered the children, who are all below ten years old, and his wife Rosemary Kanina, who was found with visible injuries on the head.

The three children had head injuries and their bodies lay on the bed when police and villagers arrived at their house.

The body of Karuiru was found on the veranda with burn injuries.

Police said the incident occurred at Malaba area in Juja within Kiambu County.

“Neighbours entered the house and found one burned body of a middle-aged man laying at the veranda door. In the bedroom were four bodies. Three children and their mother all aged below 10 years with visible head injuries and on the bed the body of the mother of the three kids also having visible injuries,” the police report stated.

Neighbours told police they heard screams from the house on Monday, January 15 night before they saw smoke billowing from the house.

The neighbours further told the police that they found the house locked prompting them to break in, only to find to find the couple and their three children dead.

Juja police boss Patricia Nasio said the bodies of the victims had been moved to the mortuary as investigations continue.

“We don’t know what transpired to warrant this incident. We have launched investigations,” said the police boss.

Neighbours told police that the couple has been having long-standing domestic quarrels in recent weeks.

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