Nick Mutuma Eats Humble Pie, Apologizes For ‘Njaanuary’ Tweet

January 9, 2018

Television actor Nick Mutuma has been forced to apologize after posting a tweet admonishing those going through hard times in January.

The ‘Shuga’ actor raffled feathers on Twitter over the weekend with a Tweet telling off anyone who complains about ‘Njaanuary’. According to Nick, anyone above 25 should know how to save money.

He further threatened to unfollow anyone who complained about the tough January times when most people are usually broke after spending excessively during the festive period.

The post appeared to rub some of his followers the wrong way as they hit back with free advise on humility.

After the backlash, the actor posted an apology explaining that the tweet was meant for one of his friends.

He wrote:  “That tweet was subtle shade for one of my mates who I’d watched partying hard through out December only to complain about a tough financial situation in Jan. It wasn’t a shot at anyone and I honestly didn’t think it would go South this quick. Sorry if it rubbed you the wrong way.”

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