Good News: You Will Soon Be Able to Drink Alcohol Without Fear of Getting Spiked

January 12, 2018

Kenyan revelers and party animals can now heave a sigh of relief following the introduction of a strip that detects drugs in alcoholic beverages.

A Nairobi medical lab, DNA Testing Services, is supplying the Check Your Drink (CYD) strips for the first time in the country.

The DNA Testing Services says the strips are meant to curb cases of spiked night revelers that are especially rampant in Nairobi.

Kinyanjui Murigi, Head of Marketing from DNA Testing Services said: “We got our first batch on the 24th December, and we hope we will be able to help out people.”

He further explained that although they were yet to distribute the strips, their main target were brewers and bars.

“We could sell these at pharmacies, but it would make more sense if the strips were available in bars,” he said.

Kinyanjui said that they were targeting breweries as distribution channels to bars and clubs across the country because “they know clubs better”.

Asked by SDE if they will have them sold on retail, he said: “No, we will not be selling them on retail to individuals.”

The CYD which were first launched in 2014, by two childhood friends in the UK, works like a litmus paper. It changes colour when a drug is detected in a drink.

There are two strips in the package, each for the prominent drugs used in spiking: GHB and Ketamine.

I suppose guys can now stop using this preventive drinking measure.

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