“I’m Bringing Atlanta Strippers to Nairobi” – Mercy Myra’s Ex-Husband

August 1, 2017

The cat is finally out of the bag! Kenyan hip hop pioneer Attitude is the man behind the reported arrival of exotic dancers from Atlanta.

Attitude, singer Mercy Myra’s ex-husband, is looking to relocate back to Kenya after a stint in Atlanta and is bringing with him some American culture.

“Some Kenyan clubs contacted me in a bid to bring in dancers from Atlanta, better known as Cultural Atlanta Dancers. Having a new business venture as a tattoo parlour owner, I get to meet strippers and this made it easier for me to connect Kenya and Atlanta,” Attitude told Word Is.

The rapper defended bringing the exotic dancers, saying “there is interest in the culture here, the American”.

The dancers are expected to arrive in the county late August after the General Elections.

Attitude said the strippers will be coming in after the general election for three weeks with appearances at B-Club and X’s millionaire. He said bringing the dancers will bring a new side of entertainment to Kenya and connect Kenya and Atlanta.

Musically, Attitude mentioned coming back to reside in Kenya and working on collaborations with local rappers.

He also confirmed that his divorce with Mercy Myra is now official and that they are in good terms as they co-parent their daughter.

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