The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday August 1)

August 1, 2017

Here are links to some of the stories making news headlines in the world today.

Kelly sworn in as Trump’s second chief of staff

“We look forward to, if it is possible, even a better job as chief of staff,” Trump said of his former secretary of homeland security. Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that his administration has “done very well,” noting the stock market, unemployment and business confidence.

Pence slams Russia as sanctions dispute escalates

On a visit to the Baltics, Pence denounced Russia as an “unpredictable neighbor” that sought to “redraw international borders by force.” Pence’s intervention, on a visit to the Estonian capital of Tallinn, came a day after President Vladimir Putin announced he would gut US missions in the country.

Russia bans VPNs to stop users from looking at censored sites

President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill that prohibits services, including virtual private networks (VPNs), that enable users to skirt government censorship efforts. The law will take effect on November 1. VPNs use encryption to disguise the source of internet traffic, allowing users to view websites that are banned in their home countries.

More than 3,000 pounds of heroin seized in India drug bust

Valued at $545 million, the consignment was found aboard a merchant ship off the coast of the western state of Gujarat, according to a statement by the coast guard. The Panama-registered ship was coming from Iran and was intercepted after a three-day long operation.

Dozens rescued from dangling cable cars in Cologne

More than 30 cable cars were in operation when the car’s wheels came away on Sunday evening. All cars were stopped before 65 affected passengers were rescued. “Emergency services were sent to the scene and soon after arriving were able to ascertain that one of the cable cars on the left side Rhine pylon had come off the cable with its front wheels,” Christian Heinrich, Cologne’s Fire Department Spokesman, told CNN.

‘Emoji Movie’ barely escapes 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

For a minute, it looked like “The Emoji Movie” would be the latest to join the dreaded Rotten Tomatoes 0% fresh club. But as of Friday, one critic gave the animated children’s film, which follows the lives of the bright emoticons living in smartphones, a warm review.

Snapp: Iran’s answer to Uber is growing fast

And with Uber locked out of the Iran for the foreseeable future due to U.S. sanctions, startup Snapp is seizing its chance to become the leading local player. Shahram Shahkar launched “the Iranian Uber” in 2014 when he returned to his home country after studying and working in the U.K.

Elon Musk talks of his life’s ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ in a few painfully honest tweets

Think it’s easy being Elon Musk? Think again. As the CEO of automaker Tesla and private space transport company SpaceX, founder of neurotechnology company Neuralink and tunneling company Boring Company, and a key figure in AI non-profit OpenAI, Musk is obviously extremely busy.

J.K. Rowling tears apart sexist, anti-semitic column about gender pay gap

J.K. Rowling has hit back at the Sunday Times Ireland after it published a sexist and anti-semitic column about the BBC’s gender pay gap. In a column entitled “Sorry, ladies – equal pay has to be earned,” columnist Kevin Myers suggested it was no coincidence two of the BBC’s best-paid female presenters, Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz, were Jewish.

How a fake, suicidal McDonald’s account fooled everybody, even McDonald’s itself

No, McDonald’s has not gone crazy. A parody account pretending to be McDonald’s Hong Kong raised alarm bells over the weekend after it started posting a series of strange tweets. The account, which has now been suspended, quickly attracted attention. Tweeting with the handle @Mc_DonaldsHK, it managed to get by passing off as the real thing at first glance.

‘Game of Thrones’ actor casually reveals 1 character who won’t be returning

Warning: Contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3. If we don’t actually see a character die in Game of Thrones, there’s a fairly decent chance they’ll come back, right? Well, no. Not always.

When you want to cause a political scandal on Twitter but you play yourself

Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is out of a job as of Friday, but his feud with new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci still found a way to bubble up on Sunday.

Trump’s White House feuds are even better reimagined as a pro-wrestling special

We’re just weeks away from the WWE’s annual late-summer smörgåsbord of professional sports entertainment, SummerSlam. But for all the hype of the second-biggest pro wrestling show of the year (behind spring’s WrestleMania), the real feuds are simmering in Washington, D.C.

Kenyan election IT head Chris Musando found dead – BBC News

Kenya general election 2017 A key Kenyan electoral commission employee has been found dead just days before the 8 August elections. Chris Musando, an ICT manger with the IEBC, had gone missing on Friday. Kenyan newspaper The Star reports that Mr Musando’s body was found with one arm missing.

Cristiano Ronaldo to appear in court on tax charges – BBC News

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is due to appear in a Spanish court later today, accused of evading millions in tax. Prosecutors allege Ronaldo, reported to be the world’s highest paid athlete, has evaded €14.7m ($17.3m; £13.1m) in tax since 2010. The Real Madrid star has previously denied the allegation, saying his “conscience is clear”.

Princess Diana’s friends urge Channel 4 not to show ‘private’ tapes – BBC News

Friends of Princess Diana have urged Channel 4 not to broadcast controversial video tapes of her talking about her troubled marriage. The documentary, Diana: In Her Own Words, is due to be aired ahead of the 20th anniversary of her death. The tapes, recorded by her speech coach, have never been seen in the UK.

Eight things about the Kenyan elections – BBC News

Two rival families will compete for power in Kenya’s presidential election, in a relationship that goes back to before independence. The BBC’s Dickens Olewe looks at some of the more unusual aspects of the election campaign.

Toronto: the city of 140 languages

Growing at a clip of more than 100,000 new residents a year, Canada’s largest city keeps getting larger. But the continued population boom hasn’t changed Toronto’s character. Long known for welcoming multiculturalism and diversity (more than 140 languages are spoken here), the city has also made substantial investments in public transportation and technology, making the city even more attractive to newcomers and Silicon Valley talent.

Neymar to PSG Q&A: The big questions answered ahead of his £196m move

Sportsmail answers the big questions ahead of Neymar’s £196m move to PSG Barcelona say there is ‘no chance’ he will stay at the club beyond this summer Neymar travels to Qatar on Tuesday and could be unveiled on Wednesday PSG face a battle with UEFA over a potential breach of Financial Fair Play rules Philippe Coutinho leads the list of replacements but can he fill Neymar’s shoes?

Manchester United defender Phil Jones banned for two matches

Phil Jones verbally abused officials at drugs test after the 2-0 win over Ajax Jones did provide samples but expressed frustration after missing a photoshoot The dressing room photoshoot was to honour Manchester terror attack victims Daley Blind was also charged with violating UEFA Anti-Doping regulations Manchester United defender Phil Jones has been banned for two matches after he verbally abused officials at a drugs test following the club’s Europa League Final victory.

Alvaro Morata makes first visit to Stamford Bridge

Chelsea signed Alvaro Morata in a £70million deal from Real Madrid this summer The Spaniard joined the club while they were on tour in China and Singapore On Monday, he made his first visit to Stamford Bridge and posed for pictures It seems to have been love at first sight for Alvaro Morata as Chelsea’s new striker paid a visit to Stamford Bridge.

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