The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Friday August 4)

August 4, 2017

These are links to some of the biggest stories today.

Prediction: Alfred Mutua vs Wavinya Ndeti

Isaac Ruto, Peter Munya, William Kabogo and Alfred Mutua. What is common among these 4 men? For starters, they are all sitting governors who have have seemingly gone against the community wave, but have very realistic chances of retaining their seats. Of the 4, only Isaac Ruto and Alfred Mutua

VIDEO: Tanzanian Prophet Predicts The Next President of Kenya

A Tanzanian preacher claiming to be a prophet has come forward with a prediction for Kenya’s election scheduled for next week. Prophet Billionaire John Mkeu (I know) of Shalom Tabernacle has claimed that God has spoken to him and revealed the outcome of Tuesday’s election, specifically who will w

RAW VIDEO: Leo ni Leo… Nyeri Bishop Receives Beating from Wife After He Was Found Cheating With Sister-in-Law

And in related news from Nyeri, a 40 year old man identified as a Bishop Timothy Wanyoike yesterday received a thorough beating and public embarrassment when he was found cheating. Wanyoike was found red handed having illicit sex with his sister-in-law Scholar Kariuki, who is just 21 years old.

Autopsy Reveals Msando was Tortured and Strangled to Death

The late IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando was tortured and strangled to death, a postmortem conducted on his body has revealed. The autopsy conducted yesterday indicated his killers also hit him with a blunt object on the head inflicting a deep cut. His back had deep scratches, indicating the bod

Transcript: Trump urged Mexican president to stop criticizing wall

The transcript of Trump’s conversation with Mexico’s leader was one of two phone calls revealed on Thursday, which provide a rare glimpse into the private conversations of a new US president testing his negotiating powers on foreign counterparts. The January 27 phone call with Peña Nieto came seven days after Trump entered office.

How to earn ‘points’ under Trump’s immigration plan

The plan mimics systems used by Australia and Canada, which Trump has often praised, in awarding points to potential immigrants based on broad categories. The 140,000 visas available annually under this system would be distributed to the highest point-getters first.

NAACP issues its first statewide travel advisory, for Missouri

The organization is circulating a travel advisory after the state passed a law that Missouri’s NAACP conference says allows for legal discrimination. The warning cites several discriminatory incidents in Missouri, included as examples of “looming danger” in the state. The NAACP says this is the first travel advisory ever issued by the organization, at the state or national level.

Kenya election: Facebook takes out ads over fake news

Facebook is taking its campaign to the real world by placing full-page ads in local newspapers and radio stations with its guidance for identifying disingenuous reporting.

Two die after plane makes emergency landing on Portugal beach

The victims were an 8-year-old girl and a 56-year-old man, the Portuguese National Maritime Authority said on Wednesday. The two were not related. Both victims were caught by surprise on the beach and unable to avoid the impact when the aircraft made the emergency landing, officials said.

Two charged in Australia over airplane plot

According to a statement from Australian Federal Police (AFP), a 49-year-old man and a 32-year-old man each were charged with two counts of “acts done in preparation for, or planning, a terrorist act.” The maximum penalty for each offense is life in prison.

La Liga refuses to accept Neymar’s buyout clause as star moves towards Barcelona exit

The Brazil star is set to leave Barcelona with the Catalan club confirming Wednesday that Neymar had informed it of his intention to move away from Camp Nou. But La Liga says it has refused to accept the €222 million bid — enough to activate a buyout clause in Neymar’s contract — with speculation that Spain’s top division has concerns over PSG contravening Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

Apple’s greed is killing the planet (and screwing you, too)

Your iPhone won’t last forever, even if you want it to. You’ll crack the screen, or its battery will crap out, and if the physical flaws don’t get you, the software will: Some approaching iOS update will either slow that sucker down or render it obsolete.

‘Game of Thrones’ fan theory predicts the most ironic end to House Lannister

As usual, while everyone’s in tears mourning the death of Olenna, Cersei couldn’t be happier to dance on another Tyrell grave. But the tyrannical queen might be calling her eventual victory too early. And that miscalculation could mean the end of House Lannister in the most ironic demise imaginable.

‘Game of Thrones’ star Sophie Turner said her social media followers help her land gigs

In a not so shocking turn of events, it turns out being popular on social media really helps you out if you’re an actor looking to book gigs. That, and a knack for acting, at least helped Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner land her roles.

Read these quotes from Trump’s calls with world leaders, then hide under your desk

United States President Donald Trump is either a modern poet … or a man incapable of speaking without losing his train of thought every 10 words. If you are as yet undecided, consider these transcripts of his calls with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, published Thursday by The Washington Post.

Android’s first serious augmented reality phone is finally here

Asus’s Zenfone AR, the second Android phone to include Google’s Tango-based 3D depth-tracking for advanced augmented reality experiences, is finally available for purchase in the U.S. Cutting-edge consumers can pick one up at Verizon for $27 a month paid over 24 months, or for the full price of $648.

Japan has discovered a way to make ice-cream that doesn’t melt

These popsicles are ready to take on the summer heat. Japan’s Biotherapy Development Research Centre has created what could possibly change life as we know it – ice-cream that doesn’t melt. And it wasn’t even on purpose. The research centre in Kanazawa city had asked a pastry chef to make a dessert using polyphenol, a liquid extracted from strawberries.

Justin Bieber reveals why he cancelled tour in honest Instagram post

About a week or so ago, Beliebers across the world were given some truly grim news: Justin Bieber had cancelled his Purpose World Tour due to “unforeseen circumstances”. Now, the singer has broken his silence on Instagram. The following post doesn’t go into specifics, but it does give some insight into why the Biebs decided to take a step back.

Massive Buddha statue is stolen from Botswana temple – BBC News

A massive Buddha statue weighing about half a tonne has been stolen from a temple in the Botswana capital, Gaborone, police say. The Buddhist community in the city say they are devastated by the loss and have appealed for help to retrieve it.

Rwanda’s Paul Kagame – visionary or tyrant? – BBC News

Lanky and soft-spoken, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame portrays himself as a modern-day politician who sees social media as a way of championing democracy and development. However, his opponents accuse him of being the latest in a long line of authoritarian rulers in Africa, who will win the 4 August election after his regime brutally suppressed the opposition and killed some of his most vocal critics – a charge his allies vehemently deny.

Why can’t films and TV accurately portray hackers?

In sixth grade, Mrs Minninger assigned our class an independent study project – give a presentation on any topic of our choosing. I chose hackers. When it came time to present, I came across the same problem that producers and directors have been struggling with for almost 30 years now: How do I make hacking look interesting in a visual way?

Dash cam shows drunk driver crashing into police officer – BBC News

The policeman was catapulted through the air after a suspected drunk driver hit him during a traffic stop in Texas. Matt Lesell was able to walk away from the scene and is being treated for injuries to his back and foot. No one else was badly hurt in the crash.

Harry Potter actor Robert Hardy dies at 85 – BBC News

Actor Robert Hardy, best known for roles in the Harry Potter films and TV series All Creatures Great And Small, dies aged 85, his family says

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