RAW VIDEO: Leo ni Leo… Nyeri Bishop Receives Beating from Wife After He Was Found Cheating With Sister-in-Law

August 3, 2017

And in related news from Nyeri, a 40 year old man identified as a Bishop Timothy Wanyoike yesterday received a thorough beating and public embarrassment when he was found cheating.

Wanyoike was found red handed having illicit sex with his sister-in-law Scholar Kariuki, who is just 21 years old.

Apparently, their affair has been going on for some time and Scholar’s husband began to suspect, later confirming through text messages.

The husband laid a trap for the cheating couple. He pretended to be away on a field trip thus allowing them enough time to hook up and do their thing.

You can imagine the ‘Man of God’s’ surprise when TV cameras ambushed them, followed moments later by the husband of the woman he was servicing.

As if things could not get any worse, his wife showed up a few minutes later.

The beating Wanyoike received from a combined force of his wife and his wife’s brother can only be described by the video above.

An injured Wanyoike was eventually rescued by police and taken to Nyeri divisional police station. Sh10,500, believed to have been payment made to Scholar was recovered at the scene.

The incident happened at Skuta area near Nyeri Town.

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