Hilarious: Watch What Happens When Comedians Henry Desagu and ‘Mama Njoro’ Team Up

August 21, 2017

Two of Kenya’s most popular Youtube comedians, Henry Desagu and Mama Njoro, have done something that has never been done before.

The two immensely talented comedians have come together to collaborate on a joint project.

Mama Njoro, famous for accurately portraying the typical African/Kenyan mother, has been cracking up internet users with the America based crew Cheka Tu TV.

Meanwhile, Desagu’s star has continued to shine with each passing video he releases.

Their joint project sees Mama Njoro play Desagu’s Aunt who is based in America and is returning back to Kenya.

The duo has released two videos, one which captures Mama Njoro’s homecoming. The second captures Desagu as he shows Mama Njoro the projects he has been working on with ‘Auntie’s’ money sent from America.

Watch below.

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