Eric Omondi’s Parody for Diamond Platnumz’ ‘Eneka’ Will Crack You Up

August 21, 2017

Kenya’s top comedian Eric Omondi has come through with another crazy parody.

Omondi, who has a particular liking for Diamond Platnumz and his music, has parodied the Bongo star’s recent hit ‘Eneka.’

While the original ‘Eneka’ is a classic Diamond Platnumz love song about a girl, Omondi’s ‘Eneka’ is a chicken.

Omondi’s parody is aptly titled ‘Taga’, (Lay egg/s) in which he sings about his love for chicken. And the audio is the only thing Omondi has parodied.

The video has been heavily borrowed from Diamond Platnumz ‘Eneka’ video because Eric Omondi already knows how to be Diamond Platnumz.

Watch the parody above.

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