‘Go to Somalia or Libya’ Government Tells Secession Crusaders (VIDEO)

August 25, 2017

The government on Thursday finally responded to ‘aggrieved’ Kenyans who have been calling for the secession of the country.

Government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe said Kenya is one country and leaders looking to divide the country into two should relocate.

While addressing the media, Kiraithe noted such petitions are ill-timed and should be dismissed,

He said Kenyans who want division should move to Somalia or Libya where there are as many states as the leaders competing.

”I urge all of you to put your country first,” Kiraithe stated.

“As a government, we don’t have time to listen to leaders with such ideas. Security agencies are keeping vigil,” he said.

Kiraithe’s remarks come a day after a section of religious leaders warned against secession, calling on national leaders to find ways of solving differences without dividing the country.

The leaders, under the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya umbrella, likened the calls for self-determination to “divorcing over a cup of tea”.

“We have one country given by God. We need to resolve our problems and live in unity. We plead with Kenyans to leave with unity,” EAK vice chairman David Oginde said.

NASA chief strategist, David Ndii started the secession petition. He has also declared that NASA is prepared for mass action.

Here’s a video of Eric Kiraithe’s statement.

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