Akothee’s Message to Anyone with a Fake Social Media Account

August 2, 2017

Akothee has taken issue with social media users who have pseudo accounts.

Being one of the most popular personalities on social media, Akothee has time and again been the victim of cyber bullying from netizens with fake accounts.

She has finally addressed the owners of such accounts and challenged them to show themselves.

In a long post, Akothee says such people “are afraid to face reality about life and are controlled by jealousy.”

“I’m just wondering why people keep pseudo accounts, oyaaa the sh*t behind that pseudo account is the real you, you are afraid to face reality about life, that person you are stalking behind the pseudo is living a life you wish you had , so after stalking her, you go back to your desperate corner & cry harder, why dont you approach and ask her/him , how its done? its funny that even relatives and friends have pseudo, any one behind pseudo account is pronounced a jealous loser, its jealousy controlling you. Come out and show us what you’reup too JUDAS. People have 10 different accounts on social media with no records with any bank,” wrote the singer.

She added: “Continue stalking if it brings food on your table. let everyone feed their own monkey , I have my own gorilla ,( pseudo proverbs) “am not on social media ” in this generation , be careful with any lady friend telling you she isn’t on social media , wait until she is tagged somewhere .KARMA, there are ladies who wont allow you touch their phones. what do you think they could be hiding ? if their phones ring they go miles away to pick am, oyaa it could be you being discussed, I don’t keep this kind of sh*t, #trustissues , you behave like this, you give me reasons never to trust you, I delete & block you asap.”

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