Wife of Bonfire Owner Offers Advice to Kenyan Women Who Want a Husband Like Hers

July 24, 2017

Less than a fortnight ago, business in the city center was brought to a standstill courtesy of Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu.

The businessman made his wife, Sarah Kabu, the envy of women across the city after throwing her a grandiose birthday estimated to have cost Sh30 Million.

He also gifted her with her dream car and had it delivered alongside a five-tier red velvet cake.

Basically, he set the standards way too high and has been doing it for the last couple of years.

In 2015, they went on a cruise in Europe while in 2016, they toured the Seychelles. They were supposed to visit London, but “our six-month old daughter does not have a passport, hence I settled for the Range Rover,” said Kabu.

“It has always been her favourite car. When we are in traffic or driving and one passes by, she would point at it and promise to get one by the time she is 40. So, I decided to get it for her 39th birthday as a surprise,” said Kabu.

He added that “The cake was intentionally big because we wanted to share it with the street kids but the spectators took over.”

For a week, the Kabus were the talk of the town, especially among female social media users. Many of them demanded to know where men like Kabu can be found.

Well, Sarah has some Biblical advice for them.

“I advise them to be like the woman in Proverbs 31 and also work hard. My husband knows how hard I work and he decided to give me the gift. Women should stop spending hours on social media groups gossiping and instead, spend time working and helping their husbands, and they will be rewarded.

Women should drop the mentality of getting things the easy way, bleaching themselves and cutting down weight to attract rich men. Let them grow with their men,” said Sarah.

Mr and Mrs Kabu are the founders of Bonfire Adventures. They started the multimillion tours and travel company with only Sh20,000 and a desk.

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