Winnie Odinga: Why I Hate the Attention of Being My Father’s Daughter

July 24, 2017

Apparently, Raila Odinga’s youngest daughter Winnie Odinga does not the like the attention from being the former Prime Minister’s daughter.

The 27-Year-Old is often seen behind her father whenever he appears in public forums. Keen observers who have noted her presence in her father’s campaign trail believe she is being prepared to take over from her father.

However, in an interview with Pulse Magazine, the outspoken Winnie revealed she is not planning to run for any political seat.

Here are excerpts from the interview.

How would you describe yourself?

My name is Winnie Odinga but my friends call me Kazi, a nickname my sister Rose gave me because I was always on the move, always active. I’m 27 years old.

I went to Rusinga School for my prep school, and Brookhouse for high school. I have a double major degree in International Business and Corporate Communications from Philadelphia, United States.

How was Philly? Did you get to ride motorbikes as part of the Philly culture?

No. Let’s just talk about Nairobi.

How comes kids of influential personalities shy away from talking about their privileged backgrounds? Is it part of keeping the ‘public’ image?

People should accept who they are. Be who you are. When I was born, in 1990, our family was the most hated in Kenya. My dad was in and out of detention. I didn’t get to pick the schools I went to, I didn’t get to choose which family to be born into.

I sit in meetings where I’m the only female and everyone is above 40 years of age. You can see through their looks that they disapprove of my look and my accent but you can’t impress everyone.

Tupac or Biggie?

Tupac any day. I mean he was a poet and everything. He was also aggressive. However still, Biggie was alright too.

How would you describe your style?

It’s cool, comfortable, and laid back. I’m a sucker for shoes. I love boots and sneakers. I have too many of those. I don’t like heels and tight clothes that much.

I don’t carry around a handbag too.

Dating anyone?


Anyone we know?

No. And that’s the end of that.

What do you think about socialites?

I don’t think we should be glorifying h**s but they’re so damn interesting. They have these crazy lives that they go to great lengths to portray and you can’t keep of their Instagram.

The only problem is that they make young girls think that what they do is the only way to acquire that lifestyle. They are other ways you can have that life too and not be even bothered to post every single detail about it.

Other ways like?

I think school-going girls can have that life too. It’s eventually what you decide to work and achieve for yourself.

Do you enjoy the attention from being the former Prime Minister’s daughter?

No. I hate it. It holds me back. I can’t get to have a private life and taking pictures the whole time is not quite what I consider having a good time.

I love to live for the moment, talking to new people and appreciating nice vibes. However, I love being my father’s daughter. Nobody gets me like he does.

Do you have an actual day job?

I work for my dad. I have worked for him for as long as I can remember. I’m his bodyguard, his briefcase carrier, travel companion or even driver if need be.

 Is that the natural path for all politicians’ kids?

Indians have shops that they can trace back to the 1900s run by their grandchildren and great grandchildren. You have to support your own.

I can’t just sit back and leave the campaign to my father. I don’t think anyone would abandon their parents. It’s a job like any other.

Do you miss your brother?

Every day. The campaign would be very different if he were here. He was a total ‘goon’. Right about now, he would be in Kibera with his fellow ‘goons’ talking, plotting and everything. It was always comfortable and warm around him.

What do you listen to; what do you watch?

I listen to a lot of Homeboyz Radio. I love most of the new school rappers in Kenya. The only problem is that it’s hard to dance to Kenyan music, unless of course its Benga music. I love Nigerian music, it’s easy to dance to Wizkid.

My guilty pleasure is watching Nairobi Diaries and Hot Topics by Wendy Williams. That’s fun. I dig House of Cards and Breaking Bad.

Are you planning on running for political office soon?

No. I just want to be useful. There won’t be any need for me to join Parliament to be called Mheshimiwa just for the sake of it yet I don’t get to bring forth or contribute to any meaningful policies five years down the line. I want a fulfilling life that I can get to do something meaningful with.

You came under fire for suggesting that Kenyans should be paying their house-helps Sh50,000. What was that about?

People thought that I was just throwing around figures that I have no idea about. I’m just appalled that we don’t stop to think that even house-helps with kids have their own personal aspirations.

We have become too consumed with ourselves, it’s all about us improving ourselves and to hell with the rest. If you can afford it, why not uplift the people that take care of you and your kids to be really among ‘us’?

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