PHOTOS – The Sh10 Million a Year School Jimi Wanjigi Takes His Children… Most Expensive in the World

July 7, 2017

The current Aga Khan, King of Belgium, King of Spain, Crown Prince of Yogoslavia, Prince Edward of Britain, Dodi Fayed (the man who was having an affair with Princess Diana. They died together in the car crash), Prince Rainier III of Monaco, Shah of Iran, members of the Rockefeller family, world renown fashion designers and uncountable billionaires.

That is the alumni list of Institut Le Rosey  a 137-year old boarding school in Rolle, Switzerland – a few kilometres from Geneva.

Last week we learnt that Kenya’s most famous political wheeler dealer, Jimi Wanjigi, takes his kids to this school… all of them. It is unclear how many he has, but at Sh10 million per year per head, you can get the idea that we’re dealing with a very rich man.

The school has been named the most expensive in the world. The rich and famous fight to have their kids admitted here. But the school has a policy where not more than 10% of students should come from the same country.

Institut Le Rosey, simply known as Le Rosey, has only 420 students, all of whom are boarders.

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These are supported by 200 staff members, which would translate to 1 staff member for 2 students. The academic year is spent in 2 different campuses – the magnificent manorial estate in Rolle and in the winter, chalets in the charming ski resort of Gstaad.

So what is it that you get for Sh10 million a year? Apart from the history, culture and global connections to the royals, rich and famous, you also get a shooting range, 1,000-seat concert hall and an equestrian centre boasting 30 horses. Not enough? What about a spa.

You know there’s no pleasing these rich kids, but Le Rosey threw in a 38 foot yacht anyway.

Here are some pictures of the school.

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