Noti Flow Sleeping with Colonel Mustafa? She Speaks Up

July 19, 2017

Female rapper Noti Flow has denied rumors that she involved romantically with Colonel Mustafa.

For weeks, the two have been linked together after meeting on the set of socialite TV reality series ‘Nairobi Diaries.

They have constantly been spotted hanging out together in malls, club joints, and spending time with each other. Their social media pages are also filled with pictures of each other, leading to speculation that they are an item.

However, the controversial female rapper says the equally controversial Colonel is just a friend.

“I’m not smashing Moustapha. He is a good friend and we get along in many ways; we share a vision. Actually, Moustapha has just called me, we are supposed to be having a photo shoot together. I know people have been talking about us and the blogs have been busy too, may be that’s what they want to see,” Noti told NairobiNews.

Mustafa has also denied the rumors saying: “Sijampiga lipunda bado but ni kama ndio kitu watu wanataka kuona.”

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