New Music Alert! Size 8 Reborn Releases Three Amazing New Singles

July 10, 2017

High flying Gospel music singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 has stunned the music industry following the release of three new tracks.

The triple release came at the tail end of last week with the ‘mapocho’ singer first launching the tracks on Kiss radio.

The tracks include: ‘I can’t imagine’, ‘Bless my way’, and ‘Mwambie.’

‘Bless My Way’ is by recording, singer/songwriter, and performing Artist Alemba, featuring Size 8.

On ‘Mwambie’, Size 8 says: “Jesus is here for you no matter what you are going through or what you have done He is our saviour, healer and comforter all you need is to just give Him your burdens, repent of your sins and believe that He is the true MESSIAH. The is no situation He cannot turn around. Give your life to Him now. May this song bring hope, peace and comfort from God to you in Jesus name Amen.”

‘Mwambie’ also sees Size 8 attempt to rap. That has not been received well by her fans.

On ‘I Can’t Imagine’, she says: “The presence of God is so precious and so necessary that i personally cannot imagine a world without Him. The evil in this world is to toxic one cannot survive a second without the presence of our maker. As David in Psalms 51:11 pleaded with GOD not to take away His presence GOD hear us to.”

The tracks are off the album ‘Harusi.’

Watch the videos below:

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